Faculty Directory





Abbott, Fran   B.Voc.Ed., M.Ed., R.N.

Areas of Interest/Research: Curriculum and Learning, Internationally Educated Nurse Bridging Program, Mentorship

1027 777-8181

Anstey, Allan   B.N., M.N., R.N.

Areas of Expertise/Research: Emergency Nursing, Inter-professional Education and Collaborative Practice

1014 777-8185

Barron, Andrea   B.N., M.N., R.N.

Areas of Expertise/Research: Medical-Surgical Nursing, Oncology, Therapeutic Communication, Professionalism

1124            777-8148

Beck, Megan - B.N., R.N., IBCLC

Areas of Expertise/Research: Labour and Delivery Nursing, Maternal-Child Nursing and Women’s Health Care (areas include Obstetrics, Gynecology, and NICU), and International Board Certification as a Lactation Consultant

910 777-7376

Bonia, Alice B.N., R.N.

Areas of Expertise/Research: Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Medical-Surgical Nursing, Nursing Concepts

211 777-8059

Browne, Marlene  B.N., M.N., R.N.

Areas of Expertise/Research: Pediatrics, Teaching Strategies for Student Engagement, Faculty Perceptions of Clinical Experiences

919  777-8135

Budden, Florence   B.N., CPMHN(C), R.N. 

Areas of Expertise/Research: Mental Health Nursing, Schizophrenia in Canada

1110  777-8544

Careen, Vivian   B.N., M.S.N., R.N.

Areas of Expertise/Research: Wound Care Management

214 777-8398

Chafe, Joanne   B.N., M.N., R.N. 

Areas of Expertise/Research: Post-basic Gerontology, Mental Health Clinical, Roy's Adaptation Model Integrated with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

1127  777-8152

Churchill, Natasha   B.N., M.N., R.N.

Areas of Expertise/Research: Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, Inter-colleague Violence in Nursing, Student Well-being

1017  777-8196

Combden, Cheryl B.N., R.N.

Areas of Expertise/Research: Medical-Surgical Nursing (General surgery, plastics, bariatrics), wound assessment and burn care.

913 777-7056

Cronin, Jeanette   B.N., M.N., R.N. 

Areas of Expertise/Research: Medical-Surgical Nursing (areas include General Surgery, ENT, Vascular, Thoracic, Gynecology), Community Health, Implementing Simulation in Nursing Education, Trends in Nursing

1122 777-8925

Crotty, Melissa

Areas of Expertise/Research:

921 777-8130

Curnew, Deanne B.N, M.N., R.N. (On Leave)

Areas of Expertise/Research: Medical-Surgical Nursing, Women's Health, Community Health, Nursing within Primary Care Settings


Densmore, Jennifer   B.N., M.N., R.N. 

Areas of Expertise/Research: Medical-Surgical Nursing, Community Health, Foot Care, Women's Health Issues, Nursing Simulation

921 777-8153

Duke, Valda   B.N., M.N.-A.N.P., N.P.-P.H.C., R.N. 

Areas of Expertise/Research: Community Health, Women's Health Issues, Nurse Practitioner Program, Faculty-led Student Wellness Clinic

1013  777-7199

Durdle, Kelli  M.N, R.N.

Areas of Expertise/Research: Pediatric Surgery and Medicine, and Clinical Placement Coordination

1109 777-8133

Earle-Crane, Michelle   B.N., M.N., R.N. 

Areas of Expertise/Research: Nursing Research, Nursing Leadership-Management, Pediatrics and Complex Care, Maternal-Child Health, Inter-professional Education and Ethical Decision-Making, Transitioning Infants to Home from NICU

1129  777-7017

Emberley-Burke, Wanda   B.N., M.Ed., P.C.N.P., R.N. 

Areas of Expertise/Research: Nurse Practitioners in Primary Health Care, Advanced Health Assessment and Clinical Decision-making, Respiratory Health, Mental Health, OSCE Development, Qualitative Research

1114  777-8132

Evans, Sara   B.N., M.N., R.N. (On Leave)

Areas of Expertise/Research: Maternal and Women's Health, Nephrology Medicine, Hemodialysis in the Adult Population

909 777-8199

Fleming, Jennifer

Areas of Expertise/Research: 

Frankland, Renay   B.N., M.N., R.N. 

Areas of Research/Expertise:

1016  777-6219

Gosse, Natalie   B.N., M.Sc.N., R.N. 

Areas of Expertise/Research: International Nursing, Maternity and Women's Health Care, Labour and Delivery, Pediatric Nursing, Obstetrical Family-centered Care, Effects of Pediatric Chronic Illnesses on Families

229  777-6879

Gushue, Krista   B.N., M.N., R.N. 

Areas of Research/Expertise:

1112  777-8180

Hammond, Nicole   B.N, R.N

Area of Expertise/Research: Medical-surgical Nursing, Maternal and Women's Health, Oncology in the Aging Populations

210  777-8624

Hynes, Elizabeth   B.N., M.N., R.N. 

Areas of Expertise/Research: Anatomy and Physiology, Medical-Surgical Nursing, Professionalism, Baccalaureate Nursing Students, International Nursing

1115  777-8024

Katic-Duffy, Anna   B.Sc.N., M.N., R.N. 

Areas of Expertise/Research: Maternal-Child Nursing, Pathophysiology, Pediatric Surgery and Medicine, Adult Surgery and Medicine, Androgogical Methods Applied to Nursing Education

225  777-8191

Keats, Yvonne 

Areas of Expertise/Research:

912 777-7376

Kennedy, Carla B.N., M.N., R.N.

Areas of Expertise/Research: Nursing Foundations, Concepts, and Practice; Fundamental Psychomotor Skills

1018 777-6219

Lane, Tonya B.N., M.N., R.N.

Area of Expertise/Research: Adult Medical Surgical Nursing, Anatomy & Physiology, Pharmacology

1020 777-8154

Lanphear, Dawn   B.N., M.Ed., R.N. 

Areas of Expertise/Research: Guidance Counselling, Student Retention, Grief and Loss, Mind-Body Therapies

G27  777-8187

Lawson, Kim 

Areas of Expertise/Research: Clinical Coordinator

1109 777-8133

Lewis, Anne Marie   B.N., M.N., R.N. 

Areas of Expertise/Research: Nursing Concepts and Practice, Preceptorship, Health Promotion, International Health Promotion

920  777-8136

Lomholt-Mortensen, Charlene  B.N., M.N., R.N.

Areas of Expertise/Research: Gerontology, Healthy Aging, Preceptorship, Successful Transition to Long-term Care, Sexuality and the Elderly, Homelessness in the Elderly

1134  777-8145

Mandville Anstey, Dr. Sue Ann  B.N., M.N., Ph.D., R.N. 

Areas of Expertise/Research: Curriculum development, Aging research: Ageism, Healthy Aging in a variety of Contexts

1127  777-8170

Manning, Glenda   B.N., M.N., R.N. 

Areas of Expertise/Research: Psychiatric Nursing (theory and clinical), Community Health, Therapeutic Communication, Ways to Enhance Communication

224  777-8165

Marsh, Janice   B.N., M.N., R.N. 

Areas of Expertise/Research: Long-term Care, Maternity and Women's Health, Family-centered Care, Breastfeeding Support

1021  777-8134

Martin, Debbie Sue   B.N., M.Sc., R.N. 

Areas of Expertise/Research: Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing, Peer Support and Telehealth Options for Disease Management, Mental Health and Addictions Services for those who have been in Conflict with the Law, Mental Health Legislation for Involuntary Treatment

206  777-6880

Miller, Denise   B.N., M.N., R.N. 

Areas of Expertise/Research: Acute Care (Medical-Surgical) Nursing, Mental Health Nursing, Cardiovascular Nursing, Quality of Work Life for Nurses

214  777-8398

Moran, Glenys   B.N., M.N., R.N. 

Areas of Research/Expertise:

1120  777-6986

Noseworthy, Robyn  BN, RN, OHN (dip), MN

Areas of Research/Expertise: Critical/Cardiac Care Nursing, Internationally Educated Nurses Education, End-of-Life Care, Client Advocacy and Communication, Online Nurse Curriculum Development

1099 777-8155

Peddle, Mallory

Areas of Expertise/Research: 

Pender. Kara B.N., M.N., R.N.

Areas of Expertise/Research: Critical Care Nurse, Internationally Educated Nurse Bridging Program, Adult Medical-Surgical Nursing, Mentorship, Coordination for Continuing Nursing Studies

1034 777-8157

Picco, Lisa  B.N., M.N., R.N. 

Areas of Expertise/Research: Community Health Nursing, PN & BN Medical-Surgical Clinical and a Variety of Labs, Increased Scope of Practice for LPNs

1016 777-8140

Power-Kean, Kelly   B.N., M.H.S., N.P., R.N. 

Areas of Expertise/Research: Community Health, Women's Health Issues, Multidisciplinary Telehealth Enhanced Insulin Pump Program, Faculty-led Student Wellness Clinic

1010  777-8139

Power, Michele   B.N., M.N., R.N. 

Areas of Expertise/Research: Nursing Leadership, Complex Care, Pediatric Clinical, Neonatal Nursing, Inter-professional Education and Collaboration

1128  777-8159

Robbins, Lori   B.N., M.N., R.N. 

Areas of Expertise/Research: Pediatrics, Research on Student Perceptions of the NCLEX-RN 

916  777-8557

Senior, Suzanne B.N., M.N., R.N. 

Areas of Expertise/Research: Rural Acute Care, Therapeutic Communications

915 777-8030

Smart, Amanda  B.N., R.N. 

Areas of Expertise/Research: Therapeutic Communication, Health Promotion, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

214 777-8398

Street, Karen   B.N., M.N., R.N. 

Area of Expertise/Research: Professionalism in Nursing for RN and BN Students, National Licensure Exams Preparation, Anatomy and Physiology

1022  777-8629

Walbourne, Nicole B.N., R.N.

Areas of Expertise/Research: Med-Sur Nursing, Clinical Coordinator

912 777-7347

Walsh, Lorna   B.N., M.Ed., R.N. 

Areas of Expertise/Research: Pharmacology, Community Nursing, Medication Administration/Medication Errors

1121  777-8131

Ward, Dr. Pamela  B.N., M.Ed., Ph.D., R.N. 

Areas of Expertise/Research: Community Health, Health Promotion, Population Health, Critical Obesity Studies, Qualitative Research, Feminist and Critical Research Approaches on Body Image, Eating Disorders and Disordered eating, Social Constructions of the Body in Relation to Fertility, and Motherhood, Role of Dominant Health Discourses in Identity Formation

1113  777-8141